Sunday, April 27, 2008

Live at Red Rocks: AAM

Forget U2: Museum professionals put on quite a performance at Red Rocks tonight during the Museums Rock! opening party. Busloads took the 30-minute trek out to isolated Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, the dramatic open-air backdrop to concerts by such artists as Bob Dylan, Sonny & Cher and the Grateful Dead.

A healthy intake of s'mores, cheesecake and bananas foster—and selections from multiple open bars—quickly revealed a boisterous, musical group of annual meeting attendees. They mobbed the dance floor and lined up to perform video karaoke, donning sunglasses and lip-syncing Aretha in front of a green screen.

After a song or two, guests stepped outside to take in the lights of Denver and the rocks themselves—tonight enhanced by the "AAM Annual Meeting" projected on their side.

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John said...

"...they mobbed the dance floor..." does not do justice to the hundreds packed into the dance area who rocked, funked, and otherwise motowned out to the sounds of Jakarta, the band who absolutely refused to take a break from the moment we arrived until after last call. A great time had by all, and props to the folks who set up this entire evening--it was great!